SPMT European Union Data Boundary (EUDB) Microsoft 365 Migrations Changes

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Beginning April 1, 2023, all new European Union (EU) scans and migrations, except for Stream, will be processed in the EU. You may continue to run existing migrations until September 30, 2023. Starting October 1, 2023, you will no longer have access to migration projects created in the United States (US).

Stream migrations created before April 1, 2023 may continue to run in the US project until February 15, 2024.

SharePoint Admin Center Notification

What is the European Union Data Boundary (EUDB)?

The EU Data Boundary is a geographically defined boundary within which Microsoft has committed to store and process customer data for our major commercial enterprise online services, including Azure, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Microsoft 365, subject to limited circumstances where customer data will continue to be transferred outside the EU Data Boundary. This documentation provides details about those transfers. Specific services included in the EU Data Boundary are identified in the Product Terms as part of the services agreements. For convenience, services included in the EU Data Boundary are referred to in this document as EU Data Boundary Services.

How do I view administrative access to data?

ServiceActivities TrackedInstructions
Office 365 and Dynamics 365Portal creation of users, Password ResetsCreate new technical service request
Exchange OnlineExchange mailbox accessVisit Exchange Control Panel (link available from the Admin Overview page of the  Office 365 Online Portal ; login required)
SharePoint OnlineSharePoint site, storage accessVisit the Audit Log Search page in the Security and Compliance Center portal
Dynamics 365CRM content accessCreate new technical service request

How will this impact in my Migrations with the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT)

It will impact on your Agents to support the Migration

  • For US projects the agent state (status) will change from “Enabled’ to “Cannot scan”.
  • For EU projects agent state (status) will show “Enabled”. You can only run scans in the EU project.
April 1, 2023The file share Scans tab becomes read only for US projects.
April 1, 2023All new migrations will be processed in the EU. EU Admins can choose to restart their projects in the EU project or continue with their migration in the US project.
September 30, 2023All active migrations in the US project must be completed.
October 1, 2023Scans and migrations in the US project will no longer be accessible.
February 15, 2024Stream migrations initiated in the US project must be completed. Migrations won’t be accessible after this date.
  1. If running scan tasks in the US project is important
  2. for your business, you must configure each agent to connect to the US project.Open the Task Manager app and then select
  3. the Services tab.Right-click SharePoint Migration Service and
  4. then select Stop.Open this file: 

Under AppSettings, add the following:

<add key="UseUSScan" value="1" />

Where can I get more information?

At the time of this post see all the related information

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