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Want to convert to Json a list.getItems collection? this is the way using ECMA Javascript Declare SP.js   JavaScript Function   UPDATE   In order to use JSON.parse() you must change the [Object<Array>] like this   It will give you a [Object],[Object],[Object]

In SharePoint, the object “PlaceHolderPageTitle” is responsible to render the Title. So if you have a property to bind the text, you should be able to render like this: Property to include object titles In the Master Page   The Span that Renders the Place Holder is:     Using jQuery, you can change what ever you want, in this case the object Title. I suggest to use ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded because in this case you are sure that the DOM is loaded, preventing conflicts between jQuery functions Change Title   Change if specific number of characters reached     Good Luck 😉