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CUSTOM REST WEBSERVICES SHAREPOINT PART I – (LOB) Writing…. Write custom WCF REST Web Services in SharePoint why? You have your data outside SharePoint You don’t want or can’t override  the default throttling limit You want to build a BCS Model for Search inside SharePoint You want to integrate a REST System independent of the Technology Principles Every system uses resources. These resources can be pictures, video files, Web pages, business information, or anything that can be represented in a computer-based system. The purpose of a service is to provide a window to its clients so that they can access these resources. Service architects and developers want this service to be easy to implement, maintainable, extensible, and scalable. A Restful design promises that and more. In general, Restful services should have following properties and features. REST’s client–server separation of concerns simplifies component implementation, reduces the complexity of connector semantics, improves…

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Want to convert to Json a list.getItems collection? this is the way using ECMA Javascript Declare SP.js   JavaScript Function   UPDATE   In order to use JSON.parse() you must change the [Object<Array>] like this   It will give you a [Object],[Object],[Object]