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Summary If you have purely Yes/No tasks in order a Workflow to run then continue what it’s suppose to do, this is maybe something You’ll search. Don’t forget PnP JS save you large amount of lines of code, and is my recommend approach for Batching Calls. It Must run in the context of the Webpart, so you have to give him context. This code belongs to a Webpart with a ListView Control from the React PnP Controls and PnP Reusable property pane controls for the SharePoint. I didn’t create any Data Model Interface, that’s why I’m using Object.Keys and JSON.stringify from the REACT State. Loading property is for the UI Fabric Spinner. Installation I’m using SPFx version 1.8.2 PnP JS PnP React Controls PnP Property Controls The Web Part Properties and State Putting all together with PnP Property Controls REACT Component The Properties SCSS File TSX File…

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