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In this post, i will help you to generate a Tag Cloud based on the TaxKeyword, the default enterprise TAG for SharePoint. This sample is for OOTB or not. I’m using SharePoint Search. Let’s roll to the search method: Now that we have the DataTable let´s get the Tags from the TAGS Field Let’s replace all “L0|#” and remove all Guid’s   After having our tags, let’s take a count for each TAG, I’m taking 11 for my render   So? Let´s render. I’m having a bug :), but let´s remove the first 2 characters   THE TAG CLOUD This is an example, but you can refine it. I’m taking the total, that is 11, and passing the xCount

Working with Taxonomy Fields that created in Visual Studio without OOTB, it’s not a peace of cake. You have to follow some rules: In a Feature Receiver, Scoped SITE use the bellow Override Then you have to activate your field  (Bind) to a specific GUID, if you not it become disabled “Grayed” Use class bellow “Taxonomy” For XML Declarative find here you may find other options also Good Luck 😉

Let’s see, a easy tag field is the “TaxKeyword”, the default for “Enterprise Keywords”. The advantage is that he is already at the Search Schema an Indexed, so you can use in all objects that you want, Page Layouts for Publishing Pages, Lists, whatever. How to do it in a SharePoint Feature Receiver? SCOPE: Web   How to add it to a Page Layout? ……