Monthly Archives: March 2016

Farm: Capacity planning and sizing.Server acquisition and setup. Deployment. Scaling out, patching, and operations. Backing up data. Maintaining a disaster recovery environment. Server Operating System: SQL ServerSharePoint 2014 Server LicenseSharePoint 2014 Client Access License Design the SharePoint environment on-premises environment: SharePoint farm topology and logical architecture. Server hardware. Virtual environmentLoad balancing.Integration with Active Directory and DNS.Design the disaster recovery environment. Deploy and manage the SharePoint on premises environment: Provision servers. Deploy the SharePoint environment. Update SharePoint farm servers. Add or remove farm servers as needed based on farm utilization.Backup the SharePoint environment. Implement the disaster recovery environment and protocol. Front-end servers: Service applications, services, and components that serve user requests directly are placed on front-end servers.These servers are optimized for fast performance. Batch-processing servers: Service applications, services, and components that process background tasks are placed on a middle-tier of servers referred to as batch processing servers.These servers are optimized to…

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