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Unlike previous procedures to migrate data to Outlook Online (Office 365), that you must turn off “less secure applications”, now you want to globally or individually unlock the captcha. No more action needed. Here is how log into this page to allow the   connections. Click continue and turn off. UPDATE You must now how to make US IP Number as safe to continue until you stop migrating, or concluded.

This article is purely my opinion, if it is your choice to read it carefully, I suggest you identify yourself more with the similarities than with the differences. Introduction In order to establish a starting point, many of us have already wondered what is SharePoint ?. In short, many will say that it is a platform? An Ecosystem? A Collaborative Platform? Most likely both are right but possibly both are wrong, not an easy task to be explained. Many of you will agree, even to the most experienced professional. In my point of view is all this but much more. This issue will remain for another article, since it is not intended to be transmitted. Hiring When talking about hiring Professionals with a high level of Seniority you have to establish priorities, this is because we speak of a platform that is part of a very vast ecosystem, there is a…

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