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Unlike previous procedures to migrate data to Outlook Online (Office 365), that you must turn off “less secure applications”, now you want to globally or individually unlock the captcha. No more action needed. Here is how log into this page to allow the   connections. Click continue and turn off. UPDATE You must now how to make US IP Number as safe to continue until you stop migrating, or concluded.

This article is purely my opinion, if it is your choice to read it carefully, I suggest you identify yourself more with the similarities than with the differences. Introduction In order to establish a starting point, many of us have already wondered what is SharePoint ?. In short, many will say that it is a platform? An Ecosystem? A Collaborative Platform? Most likely both are right but possibly both are wrong, not an easy task to be explained. Many of you will agree, even to the most experienced professional. In my point of view is all this but much more. This issue will remain for another article, since it is not intended to be transmitted. Hiring When talking about hiring Professionals with a high level of Seniority you have to establish priorities, this is because we speak of a platform that is part of a very vast ecosystem, there is a…

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Today we live in a world of of “Services”, The real deal is have focus on a Service and integrate our products. Microsoft AZURE It’s a really example of this new way of making global deals, innovate, learn and execute..

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“It seems like H6 is the only rule written in uppercase. Renaming the file to lowercase fixes the bug.”

After the recent CU Update for SharePoint 2016, there is some points to keep in mind. You downloaded and installed Description: KB 3118289 – Update for SharePoint Server 2016 September 2016 (language independent) KB 3118295 – Update for SharePoint Server 2016 September 2016 (language dependent fixes) For Office Server KB 3118299 – Update for Office Online Server 2016 September 2016 Download Download Update for SharePoint Server 2016 September 2016 (language independent) Download SharePoint Server 2016 September 2016 (language dependent fixes) Download Office Online Server 2016 September 2016 PSCONFIG Ensure everything is updated, don’t miss a thing ANY PROBLEM just delete the “-” from “-install” and type again applicationcontent – Copies shared application data (for example, resource files and Web application binaries) to existing Web application virtual directories; installfeatures  – Registers any SharePoint Products and Technologies features located on the file system of this server with the server farm; secureresources  –…

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.gitignore file .npmignore file

Debian 8 is a minimum consuming resources. Comparing with Ubuntu (Mate) i have allocated < 1 GB instead of 1.6 GB on MATE. This is very nice because with 12 GB of ram, i can allocate 6GB to Windows 10 on VirtualBox and 3 vCores, instead of 2.


The real pain is configuring the environment to run npm and gulp so, here it is some tips:

sudo npm cache clean -f
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n stable
node -v
sudo npm rebuild node-sass


#Pnp JS Core Typings Related
sudo npm install typings -g
sudo npm install



  1. With Debian I have 65% of RAM instead of 80% in MATE;
  2. Windows 10 will not push your vCores to 100%

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This article will help you to create a SharePoint WebPart using the new Framework SPFx and the PnP JS Core. My first though was how populate my PropertyPaneDropdown in the Properties Panel. After some research, there is and Interface, the IPropertyPaneDropdownOption that must be imported from the preview of ‘@microsoft/sp-client-preview’ This is great because you can populate OnInit before the DOM render. The other big deal is CRUD among Typescript. SPFx is flexibly enough to use your favorite Framework, but the preferred is React. All source code is in my Repository on GitHub, if i need help somehow please, comment here or Clone my project for SPFx demos CLONE INSTRUCTIONS DEMO

I just recently upgrade node.js on Linux for version v6.6.0, so all my #SPFx webparts stoped working, try to run the command bellow, worked for me @OfficeDev #SPFx-webparts Finally

Recently Microsoft released a the preview version of SPFx, as Microsoft say: “The SharePoint Framework is a Page and Part model that enables client-side development for building SharePoint experiences. It facilitates easy integration with the SharePoint data, and provides support for open source tooling development.” I’ve been use it in windows 10 1670, but in Linux also. This Though, mini Article is a way to provide my experience and some suggestions for you. In my case I use Hyper-V with a VM for 1 processor and RAM defined for max (6GB) Install Lubuntu, its lite and very user friendly. It’s based on Ubuntu but have a lite UI (LXDE). For me the main problem was with the VM Screen resolution, for accomplish this, just run Change this line TO (in my case 1366×768) Then Save and restart At this time, you must follow some procedures in the LXTerminal Install node.js…

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