Facing an issue to find all user alerts for all Lists, this will work only in SharePoint Online

Error If you are using still version 11.1 of SPFx you may fall in this error when running This is because you don’t have the right versions of Gulp and Yeomen Uninstall Install Try again

I usually use PnP JS to make my calls in a SPFx Webpart, this is a great framework, you can expand lookup fields simple and clean. The problem is you cannot use Project Fields in order to query 2 levels, let’s start with an example: In this case you are expanding Title from Workshop and Id from Participant, what about if Workshop have a relation with a City List? in this case you have to use projected fields to query a List from another List Projected Fields From Microsoft, an example I’m exploring a framework CamlJS from Andrei Markeev in order to smooth the user experience in TypeScript in a ReactJs WebPart. This framework was originally developed for JavaScript, so I ended up with some problems. First the result of the Caml Query add a perfix to the Object as you can see here $N_1 is the View and $o_1…

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Wo doesn’t fall in Gulp erros, especially with: You may fall in this issue, no? Your web part will not appear in the toolbox. Please make sure “gulp serve” is running in a web part project. Please refresh the page once “gulp serve” is running. There is some workarounds to this like: Or in some especifique cases you have to delete the <homedir>/.gcb-serve-data folder but I´m going to give a live example. First of all I use PnP SPFx Yeoman generator, it’s pretty cool! Quoting This Yeoman generator provides improved governance for SharePoint Framework projects. It extends the out of the box Yeoman generator from Microsoft (@microsoft/generator-sharepoint) with recommended patterns and additional capabilities.For an optimized development workflow, it extends the capabilities for ReactJS, and Knockout projects and support for additional frameworks, such as HandlebarsJS, VueJS, Aurelia and Angular Elements. It also includes includes advanced code analysis and testing tools, which…

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Today I’ll talk about some issues to add SRV valid records to my Office 365 custom domain. Microsoft say to add Service Name as _sip and Protocol as _tls Problem is Plesk automatically put the underscore ( _ ), and if you choose Relative weight for records with the same priority  to (0) Zero the SVR’s will be validated in your domain. Happy configuration 😉

There is some changes in order to get the Publishing url from an image, here is my code. This is Server Side Code.

PROBLEM Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error Error occurred in deployment step ‘Add Solution’: Failed to extract the cab file in the solution. SOLUTION Rename all files, namely branding images with invalid characters, like “@”

Simple BASH Script in order to configure IIS ready for WCF Requirements.

Summary If you have purely Yes/No tasks in order a Workflow to run then continue what it’s suppose to do, this is maybe something You’ll search. Don’t forget PnP JS save you large amount of lines of code, and is my recommend approach for Batching Calls. It Must run in the context of the Webpart, so you have to give him context. This code belongs to a Webpart with a ListView Control from the React PnP Controls and PnP Reusable property pane controls for the SharePoint. I didn’t create any Data Model Interface, that’s why I’m using Object.Keys and JSON.stringify from the REACT State. Loading property is for the UI Fabric Spinner. Installation I’m using SPFx version 1.8.2 PnP JS PnP React Controls PnP Property Controls The Web Part Properties and State Putting all together with PnP Property Controls REACT Component The Properties SCSS File TSX File…

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You may find Log4Net needs to be initialised in order to grab the definitions in the XML file. If you use a Public Class or a Static Class this may cause some confusion because You’l need to initialise in ant method (XmlConfigurator), or not? Use it like this