PnPJs SPFx orderBy() not working?

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In the PnPJs Agnostic Framework Some fields are not sortable, let’s assume this call is using a MODEL where TrainingAreaPosition is a number column without decimal places:

const [trainingPages, setPages] = useState<ISomeModel[]>([]);

//* Omitted for abbreviation */

const spCache = spfi(_sp).using(Caching({ store: "session" }))
const sortField: string = "TrainingAreaPosition";
const sortAsc: boolean = true;

const response: ISomeModelResponse[] = await spCache.web.lists
          "Id", "Title", "TrainingArea", "TrainingPageActive", "TrainingAreaPosition", "FileLeafRef")
                    .filter("TrainingPageActive eq 1")
                    .orderBy(sortField, sortAsc)

const items: ISomeModel[] = ISomeModelResponse) => {
    return {
        Id: item.Id,
        Title: item.Title,
        TrainingArea: item.TrainingArea,
        Active: item.TrainingPageActive,
        Position: item.TrainingAreaPosition,
        Name: item.FileLeafRef


I’m using a Custom React Hook, fix by comparing the field name, where Position is a property of the Model to Map

const byPosition = items.slice(0);
byPosition.sort(function (a, b) {
    return a.Position - b.Position;


//* Omitted for abbreviation */

    return [trainingPages, isError] as const

export default useTrainingPages

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